What’s on L’Chaim: In our first episodes we will talk with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz about relations with Israel, learn what Kabbalah is, visit the Jewish Museum to learn about Jewish lawyers in Germany in 1933 and go to Chabad on wheels.  To see our full program schedule, visit the L’Chaim page. Shalom Productions creates programs about Jewish life, culture and history.  Based in South Florida, Shalom Productions has access to one of the largest Jewish populations in the world.  More than 650,000 Jews live here, which affords us access to a wide variety of Jewish activities. Shalom Productions current offerings include programs slated for national television debut in October, 2010 on Jewish Life Television (JLTV). JLTV is a national television network that currently reaches more than 25 million homes in the US and Canada.  It is carried nationally on channel 366 on DirecTV and on numerous cable systems such as Comcast and Time Warner. L’Chaim, Power of Kabbalah and Re-Living The Holocaust: Through Their Eyes are targeted to a primarily Jewish audience.  Please see the individual pages for each show and JLTV. Good Sports Magazine is a faith based program showing the positive side of sports through interviews with sports related figures. What’s on Power of Kabbalah Ms. Karen Berg will introduce our teacher Chaim Solomon who will lead us through Kabbalah 1 for the first 5 episodes.  We will also have a session on Kabbalistic Astrology.  To see our full listing of on-air Kabbalah classes, please visit the Power of Kabbalah page. Welcome to Shalom Productions