About JLTV Jewish Life Television (JLTV) JLTV is a national television  network that was founded in 2006. It currently reaches more than 27 million homes through cable TV and Direct TV via satellite. JLTV, America’s Chosen Network, the first 24/7 Jewish television channel, offers educational, cultural, historical, sports and news for the entertainment and enjoyment of diverse audiences. There are over 50 religious and cultural networks in America and, until now, there has never been an outlet for the plethora of high-quality Jewish media. JLTV provides a unified voice for Jewish communities around the world. Based in the entertainment capital of Hollywood, JLTV is staffed with and supported by some of the industry’s most enthusiastic, talented, and accomplished television professionals. Jewish individuals are 25% of the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans.  More than half of all Jewish adults (55%) have received a college degree, and a quarter (25%) have earned a graduate degree. The comparable figures for the total U.S. population are 29% and 6%.   73% of all American Jews have received a Jewish education. Jewish consumers understand and expect that the money invested in the Jewish business community will translate into a wide variety of social, cultural, and educational programs and services that benefit everyone in the community, both Jewish and non-Jewish. For more information on JLTV please visit: www.jltv.tv