Re-Living The Holocaust: Through Their Eyes It was more than 70 years ago.  Hitler invaded Poland and world war 2 began.  Newsreels in this country showed the bombings and the invasions, but the one side of the war that we didn't see, until it was all over, was the attempted annihilation of the Jews. Hitler was bent on the destruction of every last Jew in Europe.  Even after the war was lost, the killings continued... at an accelerated pace.  What was found when the allies liberated the concentration camps was beyond belief.  If not for photographic evidence and the testimonies of survivors and liberators, many would have continued to disbelieve. 29 million died during World War II.  11 million were civilians that were exterminated by the Nazis because they didn't fit the Aryan plan.  6 million were Jews who were killed simply because they were Jewish. Before the war, there were over 3 million Jews in Poland.  Today there are about ten thousand. Some were lucky enough to escape the attempted genocide of their people.  In this program you will hear from the ones who survived and the ones who saved them, what really happened.  These stories are their recollections... told in their own words... in Reliving The Holocaust: Through Their Eyes. Re-Living The Holocaust: Through Their Eyes is produced through the cooperation of numerous Holocaust museums and education centers around the US, Israel and the world.  Our goal is to bring factual information about the Holocaust to the public.  The vast majority of testimonies of Holocaust survivors have never been viewed by anyone other than Holocaust historians. It is our goal to bring these amazing testimonies to the public.  Re-Living The Holocaust: Through Their Eyes not only concentrates on the testimony of survivors, but also on liberators... the soldiers who liberated the camps in 1945, telling what they saw with their own eyes. We also have plans to send crews to Holocaust museums around the US, Israel and the world to highlight the amazing people who are giving their best to document the Holocaust and make sure that accurate information about what really happened gets told properly. This program is being produced without profit to Shalom Productions. We are seeking individuals and companies to underwrite the production cost of the program.  If you would like to underwrite any or all of the production costs, please contact us. Re-Living The Holocaust: Through Their Eyes Click the Play Button to Watch the Demo